Thursday, 30 June 2011

Online AMPW store now open to all

Shop here at At the time of writing there was one of the special edition Caleb's Adventures in Wonderlean comic book, still available. This very exclusive set has the comic with a one off James Jarvis hand painted cover and a 2 piece Caleb figure set with plain t-shirts (as in the strip). This is the last one available of this very limited edition of 16!

There are still a handful of James Jarvis drawings available from the 2011 gallery shop.

And please check the Wisdom of Caleb blog for the recent strips based on reader contributions. We will get the personalised original line drawings out to the contributors soon. It's not too late to send us your suggestions and receive your own dedicated hand drawn strip. Details here.

Thanks to all those who have already shopped at the store and JJ's Gallery. As always your support is very much appreciated.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Home of Metal

On Thursday afternoon James and I made the trip up to Birmingham for the opening of a major exhibition at Birmingham Museum. Home of Metal is based on the city's undeniable links with the birth and propagation of Heavy Metal. The exhibition is curated by the wonderful women at Capsule, longtime local music promoters and organisers of the excellent Supersonic music festival. It covers the rise of Black Sabbath through to the birth of Grindcore, and all inbetween. The attention to detail is excellent and the execution is super slick. We thoroughly recommend making the effort to check this out if you get the opportunity.

The meagre Amos contribution to the Home of Metal exhibition.

JJ with his more considerable contribution to the event. This was taken from a cover he drew for the Face Magazine, back from who know's when.

Part of the excellent Grindcore/Anarcho Crust exhibit, dealing with the birth of the genre in the early 1980s. This is largely created from a small selection of Napalm Death founder member, Nic Bullen's personal collection. This includes actual photos, letters, original scribbled lyrics and Punk/Anarchist 'zines he both collected and worked on at the time, together with Miles Ratledge (another Napalm Death founder member).

Nik Napalm himself, probably slightly confused by my gushing enthusiasm for his contribution to the exhibition.

Kriz and Zip, Birmingham skateboard legends, owners of long running West Midlands institution Ideal Skates, and all-round top blokes. They are pictured here in front of a 1980s scene from the Mermaid, a venue they regularly frequented in its heyday. They may well have been at this particular show.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Wooden YOD business...

Contrary to what has been written on other blogs our online store ( will not have these for sale on July 2nd. However they will go on sale through the Japanese Amos online store from that date and it will be possible to buy direct from Japan.

However, we will be getting some sent to Europe, from Japan, for our online store, but not many as they are very expensive. We'll post full information here as soon as we have it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Online AMPW delay

Unfortunately, due to a couple of technical problems, we’ve had to delay the launch of the Online Amos Miniature Public Workshop.

Everybody will now be able to access the James Jarvis Gallery and the new Gallery store from Wednesday June 22nd.

Gold members will soon receive a further invite and more information about the special AMPW online store. More invites will be sent out to other membership levels when appropriate.

Thanks to all those who have already sent us suggestions for Wisdom of Caleb comic strips. We have definitely received some nice ideas. We will post the first new strip, and announce the first gift winner, next Wednesday on the Wisdom of Caleb blog. Please keep the ideas coming.

Keep checking back here for more info.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Amos Online Miniature Plastic Workshop

Amos Online Miniature Plastic Workshop

After our successful workshops in Tokyo and London we welcome you to the Amos Online Miniature Plastic Workshop.

From Wednesday June 22nd we will offer for sale some of the products that were available at the previous workshops in Tokyo and London. This will include the limited Caleb’s Adventures in Wonderlean comic book. This is an online store exclusive as it is not available anywhere else in the world. The store will also carry a few long sold out specials, and other items that have been unavailable for general sale in Europe.

There will also be an online gallery of original James Jarvis drawings which will be available for sale through

Keeping in spirit of the workshop we would also like you to help us with a special series of Wisdom of Caleb comic strips that we will post through the Wisdom of Caleb blog. We want suggestions of objects or subjects that we can use in the new strips. We will credit the author of any suggestions that we use and, if they forward us their postal address, we will send them a special thank you gift. If you would like to offer ideas then please email caleb-at-amostoys-dot-com.

Watch this blog for more details soon.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Stoner Radio on Demand

For anyone who may have wanted to hear my show for Domino Radio, but couldn't make the anti-social scheduling, you can now listen to it on demand at the following address:

I reckon it's worth a listen if you like a slightly heavy stoned rock/psych sound. I'm getting some nice feedback too!

And the chap from Norfolk who I forgot to name is Luke Abbot.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Radio Change

In the unlikely possibility anyone is interested, I've just been told that my radio show will now go out a couple of hours earlier at 1am. I've corrected the time in my earlier post.

On the radio...

I recorded a radio show for Domino Radio which you can hear live if you happen to still be up in the early hours of Thursday morning June 9th at 1am BST. You can actually hear it on a radio (97.7 FM) if you're within a few miles of Wandsworth, South London, and they can bleed out the local pirates.

Or you can stream it online, direct from the Domino Radio website.

If the show gets archived I'll post the link at a later date.

More info on my show here.