Saturday, 28 June 2008

YOD and the The Anthropic Principle

This afternoon, thanks to conversations with the more scientifically minded in my family, I have been trying to get my head around the Anthropic principle and it's relationship to the existence of YOD. The theory of the principal states (as far as I can make out) that when making observations about a universe, these observations are constrained because the only universe we can know is one that is governed by a set of properties that supports life (such as our own humanity). If this was not the case then we would not exist to be able to make any observations at all. The implication of such a principal becomes quite mindblowing when you consider that if scientists wish to study the possibility of other universes (which they do), they would have to develop tools of analysis within a completely different set of fundamental parameters to that of our own universe. That is to say that the laws of physics would be completely different to those that we know.

How can this be possible? How is this science? This principle falls within the realms of physics and cosmology whereas it would seem to me to be a philosophical question. I have always felt this about Schrödinger's Cat Theory too.

As I continued to trawl the internet trying (and failing) to understand this abstract principal and fit this with my understanding of YOD, I was soon diverted by a new theory. I realised that this area of physics (and cosmology) was an absolute goldmine of possible names for rock bands. Here are a few I felt were quite appealing:

The Cosmological Constant (Retro 60s Psyche)
Euclidean Space (Ambient/Electronic)
Riemannian Manifold (Art Rock)
Hausdorff (Minimal Techno)
Hubble Redshift (Grebo/Grunge)
The Expanding Space Paradigm (Prog Rock)
The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (more Prog)
120 Orders of Magnitude (Doom Metal)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Yes, there is a grey one too.

The King Kun saga continues. As well as the black and white Skull Kun version, we have a grey OG King Ken version too.

Here's the definitive upshot for when and where these will go on sale.

July 24th-27th: There will be a very limited quantity of each colour available at San Diego Comic-Con exclusively through Strangeco. These will be the only figures available in the US.

July 26th: will have both versions for sale, exclusively to Gold Members.

July 26th: will be selling the grey version only.

July 28th: The Playlounge store in London will have a very limited quantity of both versions.

Please understand that to make this collaboration happen we agreed with Bounty Hunter that we would keep the production run of this figure down to a bare minimum and severely restrict distribution. That is how BxH work and we have respected their wishes.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

My Bloody Valentine

Russell and I went to see My Bloody Valentine play at the Roundhouse in Camden last night. It was a really good show and good to hear familiar songs played live after nearly twenty years (!). I loved all their records when they came out, particularly Isn't Anything. The sound was intensely loud and the songs much heavier sounding than on record. You could almost hear a bit of an Ambient Black Metal vibe coming over.

Unfortunately I missed all but the last two songs by Sonic Boom, who was supporting, but it was still good to hear – Spacemen 3 were another seminal band from my teenage years.

Many thanks to Barry at ATP for the tickets. It was a great night. (Apart from the 2-hour nightmare journey home: night buses and crutches are a bad combination.)

Monday, 16 June 2008

Stress Fracture Update

I had an x-ray last Thursday after four (long) weeks of non-weight bearing. The fracture looks like it's healed but I've been prescribed another three weeks of partial weight-bearing, still wearing the cursed boot. In those four weeks I've been swimming at Peckham leisure centre every day to try and maintain a bit of fitness. I've also got into 'aqua-jogging' which involves me looking like a nutter in the deep end as I 'run' back and forth. I can only manage about half an hour of that as it is incredibly boring.

Hopefully, I'll be back on two feet in early July.