Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The wood is YOD!

Following on from our post on June 24th we now have more information on the wood YOD. These were made by our Japanese licensee, One Gram, and interior design company, Landscape Products.

They are beautifully hand carved from polished solid beech and come in separate parts which join using steel magnets. They are produced in Japan so as you would imagine the quality is excellent. The edition is very small, only 30 pieces worldwide.

They sold out instantly when they went on sale in Japan. Due to their high price and scarcity we have only been able to get a tiny quantity for Europe from which we will have just 5 available for sale through From this Saturday we will be offering these to Gold store members. Details will be emailed soon.

Unfortunately we do not expect to be able to offer the wood YOD for sale to any other membership level.