Thursday, 31 May 2007

Tees coming soon...

Beautifully executed by our friends at One Gram in Japan!

More information at a later date.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Free the Wheel!

In a desperate attempt to be more 'with it', I've been practising skid-stops on the Pinarello. I'm running a 48 x 16 ratio and it doesn't seem to be very good for my knees. I haven't yet resorted to poncing about in rolled-up selvage denim, Vans and toe-clips.

When the lights came on at Comets on Fire...

Just back from a Comets on Fire show at the Scala in London. Comets are a band that Will "Greenfuzz" Sweeney turned me on to some time ago. Rumour has it that tonights set was to be the second from last show ever for Santa Cruz's premier psyche rockers. Their final show will be the performance of their amazing Blue Cathedral LP, at the Primavera festival in Barcelona, scheduled for this Thursday.

To begin with this evening, they struggled with poor sound, but this improved as the show went on. And they more than made up for it with an amazing finale, especially when the lights came on at the end of the show. They kept on playing and they blew the audience away. They were not going to leave the stage until they finished what they had to play. At that point, I realised that they will be sorely missed.

Another tip of the hat to Barry Hogan from ATP for bringing them to the UK once again. And good luck to Comets on Fire, whatever they go on to do in the future.

And finally, if you are in Barcelona on Thursday evening at 8pm...!!!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Some Yod Heaviness...

Just uploaded in the blog section of Yod's myspace page is an extract from the Yodzine containing some information about the origins and theory of Yod. It's a bit heavy going but for those with a real interest in where Yod comes from it will serve as a good introduction to set the scene.

Go see for your self. It's listed in two parts, "An Introduction to Yod":

110 badges for the Yodzine!

And after the image of the Amos badge factory... the results... 110 badges for the first 110 issues of the Yodzine.

And after the image of the Amos badge factory... the results... 110 badges for the first 110 issues of the Yodzine.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Mighty Cornelius

Last night I watched The Cornelius Group Syncronicity Show for the second time in a week. Over the weekend he rocked ATP with his band, and he did so again at Koko in London. If you get a chance to see this show then I thoroughly recommend it. A great audio/visual experience. He has been doing his thing for a while now but it get's more sophisticated with each LP. The new videos are amazing. Check out the "Fit" video on his myspace page:

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Platform Trophy

We realised that although we mentioned the Platform Animation Festival Trophy on the Amos website, that nobody has really had a chance to see the figure that James designed exclusively for the upcoming animation festival. So here it is.

This figure has been designed as the trophy to be given to the various category winners at the festival (which takes place in Portland, Oregon, during the last week of June). The medallion was co designed and produced by onetime Silas collaborator, William Cheshire, jewellery-maker extrodinaire. Neither the figure nor the medallion will be produced commercially.

James has also been invited to the festival to give a talk on character design. This will take place on Friday 29th June.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Behold...Yod's Micro Theatre of Dreams

Just back from All Tomorrows Parties and ready to get this blog rolling. We may actually make an effort to add things regularly on this one (unlike the news page on the website). And we'll get personal too.

So on a personal note a big thank you to Barry Hogan who looked after us at ATP. Another amazing weekend that was all about the music. And what fine music and fine people. Cheers Barry. I managed to catch top sets from Isis, Grizzly Bear and the Arkon Family. Brightblack Morninglight were excellent too, despite having to deal with a wired and chatty crowd. Even better were Ghost, Do Make Say Think (great festival finale) and the eccentric Current 93. I know that Battles played a great set but missed that due to some unfortunate scheduling. But I did catch two amazing shows from The Books and Trans Am (the latter with only half their equipment functioning). The audience were putty in their hands. And the absolute festival mind-melter came from Cornelius, with the Cornelius Group Sensuous Synchronized Show. Everyone who saw that show were completely blown away. Certainly dusted out a few cobwebs. Finally, thanks to Malcolm, Jason, Caleb and Simon for being great company too. And thanks to Simon for the superior driving there and back!

Enough of the personal nonsense.

Through this blog we hope to give you an idea of some of the things we are up to. James has his own blog for some of his personal work but both of us will contribute to this one when either of us sees fit. Certainly we will keep this updated with work we are doing together.

So, a taster, just to show you that we haven't been sitting on our backsides for the last few months doing sweet FA! From the forthcoming Yodzine, in tribute to the forthcoming Yod figure, behold the Micro Theatre of Dreams. Step back and marvel my friends. This is the future of the performing arts!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Greetings from Amos

Greetings. This is a new blog concerning the miscellaneous undertakings of Amos Novelties Ltd..