Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A taste of Tokyo.

If you're a UK based Japanophile (like us) then we thoroughly recommend the exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Photobooks currently showing at the Photographer's Gallery in London. Curated by our good friend Jason Evans, and Ivan Vartanian, this show offers a wonderful and diverse insight into Japan and Japanese culture through a purely visual medium. There's a large table in the middle of the exhibition space to sit and leaf through the pages of any of the multitude of photography books on display. It's a little like browsing at one of the killer bookshops in Tokyo. 

There's an online Tumblr page too for a taste of some of what's on offer: contemporaryjapanesephotobooks.tumblr.com/

The exhibition is open until September 9th. Cannot recommend enough!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Got a few more...

We managed to grab an extra handful of Generic Character Alphabet Books from Japan. The first batch sold out fast in the store and these will more than likely be the last we can get. Get it at store.amostoys.com

I thoroughly recommend this one. One of my personal favourites from the last few years at Amos.

Friday, 3 August 2012


One green AGC soft vinyl figure left at store.amostoys.com.

Books are showing as sold out but we hope to get a few more next week.

Massive thanks to everyone who bought AGCB products from the store and making it a huge success.

The boys at the store say orders should start shipping out next week.

Stay generic!