Saturday, 11 June 2011

Amos Online Miniature Plastic Workshop

Amos Online Miniature Plastic Workshop

After our successful workshops in Tokyo and London we welcome you to the Amos Online Miniature Plastic Workshop.

From Wednesday June 22nd we will offer for sale some of the products that were available at the previous workshops in Tokyo and London. This will include the limited Caleb’s Adventures in Wonderlean comic book. This is an online store exclusive as it is not available anywhere else in the world. The store will also carry a few long sold out specials, and other items that have been unavailable for general sale in Europe.

There will also be an online gallery of original James Jarvis drawings which will be available for sale through

Keeping in spirit of the workshop we would also like you to help us with a special series of Wisdom of Caleb comic strips that we will post through the Wisdom of Caleb blog. We want suggestions of objects or subjects that we can use in the new strips. We will credit the author of any suggestions that we use and, if they forward us their postal address, we will send them a special thank you gift. If you would like to offer ideas then please email caleb-at-amostoys-dot-com.

Watch this blog for more details soon.

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daveygorman said...

I need the tattooed martin kubrick and the rarer mini king kens in my collection. not to mention the wrestling elves. Oh and the caleb zine. Wouldnt mind some original art too- something like those personalised ones at atp would be wicked. You are going to bankrupt me Amos