Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Available to all this weekend.

Definitely one of our favourite ever Amos sculpts. Beautifully realised by our friends in China. We were well happy when we first received the stills for this beauty!

The Bird God will finally be available to everyone from Saturday March 29th. This will include both main colours (day and night) and the very limited glow-in-the-dark Amos Store exclusive. So, if you haven't already done it, then join the online mailing list as more details will be sent out on Friday.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Silver time...

Silver members of the online store can pre-order the Bird God from today. A limited amount of sets, and individuals of all colours (including the exclusive Glow In The Dark version) are available now!

Shipping for all Bird God figures will begin the week beginning Monday March 31st.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Been a bit slack...

I've been very busy of late so I've had few chances to update the blog. JJ has been highlighting some of the work that he will be selling on his upcoming online gallery and I've managed to post a few messages about the forthcoming Bird God figures. But other than that there's not been much. So here's what's been happening.

We are in the process of vacating our office. We have worked from this building (as Amos and Silas) for the past 9 years so it will be missed. Having said that we've had no heating all winter so maybe it won't be missed quite so much. In future we will work from our respective homes and come together for Amos projects.

James has been tidying up the sculpts and the packaging for our first licensed figures which will be produced through US based Strangeco. We have been concentrating more on licensed products as this frees us up to be more creative (in theory). More on this particular product soon.

Our guys in Japan have been busy too and they will soon release some more tees, mugs and a couple of other special items. We will import some of these for the online store. Never cheap but beautifully produced.

This summer we will release the mother of all collaborative products to celebrate the 10 years that we have been making toys (in one guise or another). Again, more on this soon.

I've just finished working on another Amos book that will also be released this summer. I've mentioned this book on earlier posts. Wonder Women of America is a photographic study of women who dress in costume at Comic-Con. I worked with Silas collaborators Ruth Wiggins (photography) and Rob Green (design) and I'm really happy with how it looks. It's pretty colourful and there's some great material. Should be going to print in the next few weeks. Again...more soon.

And if you are still reading, we will have another 10 year anniversary special at the end of the year. I've said too much already.

So, we may be a bit quiet. But we are busy. I'll make sure I post more in the coming weeks.

Until then...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I've Been Expecting You

This one is a curiosity. I started off drawing Vortigern's Machine like this, as a full page of artwork drawn as it would print. However, I lost my nerve and became obsessed with perceived mistakes in the original artwork, and ended up drawing the book bit-by-bit and assembling it digitally, much as I had done previously with the World of Pain comic. In retrospect, I wish I had drawn the whole thing like this in the traditional manner, but there you go...

Up for sale later this month in the Selected Drawings Gallery.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Don't Mess with Ludwig

This was an A3 drawing done for my regular monthly page in relax magazine in 2003. It contains various references to Mies van der Rohe and Bauhaus architecture, plus Mongo from the In-Crowd. I think the Bearded Prophet is in there somewhere, plus a very early manifestation of the Bird God. There is a mixture of modernism and mysticism that is a recurring theme in my drawings which is very clear here.

Like the other artwork I've been Blogging about recently, it will be up for sale in the Selected Drawings  Gallery at the end of March.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

After Vesalius

Another drawing for sale in the Selected Drawings Gallery. This was drawn for the cover of a small volume of collected drawings that relax magazine published in Japan in 2002. It was inspired by the etchings in Vesalius' De Humani Corporis Fabrica.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Android Martin

Here's another drawing that will up for sale in the Selected Drawings Gallery.

This was drawn for a Silas T-shirt graphic in 2003. So many such graphics ended up cobbled together digitally from a number of original drawings but this one needed no retouching, was printed pretty much as I drew it and I think that is why I kept it.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Where's My Pike?

Here's another preview of work that will be available on the Selected Drawings Gallery Sale.

I drew this in 2003, and it is quite an iconic and important piece for me. Feeling a bit frustrated after projects like the World of Pain comic, which involved ever more obsessive levels of digital retouching, I wanted to try make something hand-made.  It gave me a renewed enthusiasm for drawing in its purest unrefined state.

Monday, 3 March 2008

In the words of the creator...

"As a character, the Bird God taps into a mystical, less logical aspect to my characters' universe. Is he the John the Baptist to YOD's Jesus?

The Bird God figure is interesting because the initial inspiration for the toy came directly from a drawing, rather than emerging as an idea that is then shaped and refined by the drawing process. The character that became Bird God had been lurking in the background of my drawings for several years without ever exactly defining itself as a character. In the process of compiling my book, Selected Drawings, I noticed just how omnipresent he had become in my work."

James Jarvis, February 2008

The Bird God will be available for Gold Member pre-order soon. Watch your inbox!