Friday, 31 October 2008

King Ken Mini at Strangeco

Strangeco (our partners in the US) have announced the official worldwide release date for King Ken Mini.

This is Amos's first licensed figure collection and is intended for a wider audience than our in-house releases.

For more information click here for the Strangeco release info.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Where it all began...REALLY...

This was the first press we ever had for a soft vinyl figure. Seminal UK style mag "The Face" gave us a full page back in the very early days of Silas.

Martin was belatedly released in June 1998. He was the very first Silas product, style code S1000 otherwise listed as TOY.

We had actually originally conceived of Martin as a Holmes product (Slam City Skates's underground street-fashion label that predated Silas). Really Martin should have been released 6 months earlier (maybe at the end of 1997) but the demise of Holmes and the birth of Silas delayed the production. In fact, I would say that perhaps the most valuable of all Silas/Amos/James Jarvis linked paraphernalia would be the first wax mold of Martin, with the original Holmes logo inscribed on his sweatshirt. That piece is owned by a certain Mr Kenichi Omura of Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Offers anyone?

Many thanks to Gregory Holman for the scan.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Artists Formerly Known as Goat Molestör

Thanks to French for this image and inviting me down to some dark Black Metal rituals at The Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London. The second act, Grave Miasma, used to be called Goat Molestör. Apparently they objected to the use of "Goat" in their name so they changed it!

Here for more Grave Miasma.

More Death than Black i'm sure you'll agree...

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Stash for Everyone

This weekend we will open the online-store Stash to everyone. This is the last of the stock that we have carefully put aside over the previous 10 years of toy making. It is the final chance for collectors to pick up authentic Silas/Amos rarities at more reasonable prices. We have absolutely no more stock of any of these items. Once they are gone then they are gone forever.

Gold and Silver members have had their chance! From Saturday everyone else has their opportunity.

Happy hunting...