Friday, 26 November 2010

In Between Days Update

So as well as the bands picked for each day, which you can find listed here, there'll be a bunch of of other events/activities over the course of the 4 days. Some of these include:

Films we've chosen that will be shown at the cinema on site.

An Amos programmed TV channel running over all 4 days.

Talks given by our friend, photographer Jason Evans, the ATP organisers, and ourselves.

The infamous steam train ride with accompanying Amos music mixes and mulled wine.

Two morning cycle rides across the rolling hills of Somerset, led by James himself.

A Rollapaluza GoldSprint/roller racing contest.

James will also try and find the time to produce a large scale drawing.

There'll be a drunken pub quiz to end all pub quizzes.

There's a book club too, where attendees can discuss Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, a total Amos favourite.

We will also have the previously posted exclusive Amos x ATP Caleb figure of which the bulk will only be available at the event.

And for each day of the event we will produce a special hand made, copy-cut-glue zine for every festival goer.

Should be amusing...

For more information, or if you fancy joining us, visit the All Tomorrow's Parties site.

Urfaust at In Between Days

Nachtmystium have flaked out on us and now won't be appearing at In Between Days. We wanted to keep a bit of Black Metal on the agenda so we asked one of my personal favs, Urfaust to come and play. I wanted these guys from the off but for one reason or another couldn't get them on the bill. But thanks to ATP head honcho, Barry Hogan, and the band's willingness to come and join us at short notice, we will have them for their first UK appearance. I actually went to Iceland to see them perform on my birthday earlier this year. They ruled.

I'm excited.

Should confuse a few people too.

We'll post an update on planned festival events very soon.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hello Kitty x Amos x Medicom

As previously posted, Amos has joined with Japanese companies Sanrio and Medicom in a collaboration to produce a new James Jarvis designed plush toy and vinyl figure. These have now been released for sale in Japan.

Unfortunately we will not be stocking these through our online store and neither will they be available through any of the usual Amos outlets in Europe. This is because exchange rates and import charges mean a ridiculously high retail price for each figure so prohibiting us, or any of our distributors, to import into Europe. It is actually cheaper for individuals to buy and import the figures from the Amos online store in Japan. So that is our suggestion for anyone that really wants either of these figures.

Please check this link for information on overseas orders.

You can buy the plush toy here.

And you can buy the vinyl toy here.

Good luck if you go for it.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Monday, 15 November 2010

Yob at ATP IBD

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Corrupted have had to withdraw from the ATP In Between Days. We're gutted that we won't get to see this amazing band play in the UK once more. However, we wanted to find a band of similar heaviosity to replace them. And we have done just that. We are proud to announce that Oregon's psychedelic doom masters, Yob, will now play on the final day. Yob have been Amos favourites for along time now. This will be their first ever visit to the UK and we are proud to have them on our bill. Looking forward to being crushed by riff!

For more information and tickets check the ATP site.