Thursday, 19 November 2009

Teenage Filmstars - Physical Graffiti

Discovered these guys recently. Totally missed them at the time. Ed Ball is a genius. This is my absolute favourite tune right now. Madness.

King Ken Carpets

We finally got our King Ken rugs delivered. They will go out to all those that pre-ordered over the next week. We messed up our order slightly so we have a few spare. Not many mind. And in brown or pink only. These will go live at on Saturday. Don't think they will last very long so if you need a big ape on a rug then be quick.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

JJ Update

Just to let people know, I'm currently in bed with what looks like Swine Flu, so the Plymouth artwork is on hold until I am back on my feet.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Central Park Skateboard Park, Plymouth

Next week I will be painting a large scale artwork at the Central Park Skateboard Park in Plymouth. I should be working on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm hoping the weather will improve - it looks pretty stormy in that neck of the woods.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Willie Isz

A while ago we worked with our old friends at Lex records to design the record packaging for the Georgiavania LP by experimental hip hoppers, Willie Isz.

Jneiro is a fan of JJ and asked specifically for him to provide an illustration for the record. Tom from Lex contacted us, we listened to the LP, liked it a lot, and agreed to work on something. JJ provided a drawing and with the help of Dave Thomas at Fat Cat, we developed a simple concept for how we wanted the finished item to look.

Although the LP has been available for a few months now, we were waiting for the vinyl version to be released before listing some for sale through the online store. Unfortunately the vinyl has been delayed so we will have a handful of CDs available from this weekend.