Monday, 1 October 2007

An Apology.

We would like to apologise to everybody that struggled to pre-order YOD last Saturday. The server simply could not cope with the demand and it took over an hour to actually post the items and make them available for sale. Sorry if you had to waste time trying to log on. Eventually we managed to clear up the problems but not without a battle with the store ISP. Hopefully this will not happen during our official online sale of YOD on October 13th. We have been promised a dedicated server for this and future limited releases.

Also thanks to those that remained patient. We sold out of our pre-order allocation in around 2 hours. We hope you got what you wanted.

Once again. Sorry for the grief!!!


Arron said...

Hi Mr J and Mr W,

What are the release numbers of each Yod? I am already clearing shelf space ready for them!

Also do you know how many will be made available through shops?

Many thanks

russell said...

Each colour of YOD is in a run of between 200 and 240. Can't remember exactly. Either way it's pretty tight for an Amos toy. Hard to say how many will be available through stores or exactly where. I would say at least two thirds of the total.

The Special Edition is around half that amount and was only available as SDCC and through the .com and .jp online stores.

Hope that is enough info.

And keep those shelves clear as I'll tell you a secret. We will have some new very special YODs available towards the end of the year. No one know's that!

Arron said...

Thanks for the information!

A new yod near the end of the year? I have this image in my mind of a Red Yod with santa hat on!

russell said...

promise it won't be that!