Tuesday, 23 October 2007


The sound you will make this weekend if you visit the online store and see the high price of the Amos keychains and pin badges! All we can say is that we are sorry for the expense. Importing from Japan is definitely not cheap! But I would also say that our people there have done an amazing job on all the merchandise they have produced so far. Top quality if a little pricy. The keychains, pin badges, mugs, tees, bags and books all look amazing. And store.amostoys.com is the only place outside of Japan that has all of this stuff.

We'll have a couple of new items and restocks on most of the above this weekend. More images later in the week.


Arron said...

Hello chaps,

Do you know when the membership levelling system above the status of silver will come into play and what sort of items/special offers will be open to those who qualify for any higher status?

The key rings look cool, hopefully they are not too pricey!


Stephen said...

Trying to make someone on the other side of the world cry is mean and cruel.

russell said...

The memberships are being sorted now. This will depend on individuals spends (not including Stash items). New Gold members will be told. They will receive an e-voucher for discount on Stash items. But most important, they will get early oppurtunities to buy figures. For example, every Gold member will have an oppurtunity to buy the new Wrestling Elves figures even though quantites are limited. The same will apply for at least two more special edition items that will be offered between now and the end of the year. That's all I'm saying for now.

Key chains are definitely pricey. Whether they are too pricey is a matter of opinion. They should go on sale for around GBP 12. I've seen similar items on sale in fashion stores for USD 50 so it's all relative! I wish they were cheaper though!

Arron said...

As always thanks for the info Russell. I must say it is good that you always try to reply to peoples comments whether they be positive or negative feedback. Shows you care, ahhhhh ;o)

Any plans for you both doing some signing sessions for the upcoming book release of James drawings?


Low-life-clothing said...

I got this set from a friend in japan and they are sweeeeet!!