Thursday, 25 October 2007

JJ in China

Despite the Chinese authorities' censorship on blogging sites, Jimmy Jarvis has managed to smuggle out his post for the day. I'm posting this on his behalf. From this point on it's all his words!

"I am in Beijing for a couple of days to take part in an exhibition there, along with KAWS, DELTA and various other low-brow luminaries.

I managed a five-hour kip and another 50 or so pages of Infinite Jest (plus 20 pages of the Notes and Errata) on the flight over. I broke my no-running-for-a-week pledge as soon as I arrived at the hotel as 45 minutes on the treadmill was the only way to fight jet-lag. I know the treadmill's a cop-out, but the air pollution here is pretty ferocious.

I spent today at the gallery hard at work making a 3m x 4m drawing for the exhibition, which you can see the beginnings of below. I'll post the finished thing after the opening. So far I have seen nothing of Beijing other than through the window of a taxi. It is very big and grey.

Tomorrow I have the morning off and then its off to the gallery to jolly things along until the opening in the evening." James Jarvis - October 25th.

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