Tuesday, 25 September 2007

YOD is almost here!

On Saturday September 29th at 1pm BST, store.amostoys.com will begin a special advanced pre-sale of the new YOD figures. This will be open to all store Silver members. A limited amount have been set aside to give Silver members an early chance to make a purchase, ready for shipment after the official release date of October 13th.

Earlier this week, everyone who purchased a YODzine from store.amostoys.com was given an oppurtunity to reserve the Special Edition white YOD (previously only available at San Diego Comic-Con back in July). There will be a handful of these remaining and the last of these will also be offered to Silver Members on Saturday.

Silver members watch for the email with further details. Please be aware, the pre-sale stock is limited and will probably sell out.
But we have kept some more figures aside which will go on sale on the official release date.

That is the end of this communication



Stephen said...

When I look in your eyes YOD, all I see is myself. Does that say more about me or you? Weird!

mark said...

Hi Russell/James,
Darn, missed the pre-sale!- its sucks to work on Saturdays. What time are you going to be putting up the remainder on saturday the 13th? Any chance of a midnight?
Managed to bag a White with the pre-sale to yodites, but he's goona be lonely on his own...

russell said...

Hello Mark,

The others are going up the same time on the 13th. Seems to be the best for most people.

Other options. Try Magma or Playlounge. Also Dogfish, Glorias, Bond or Octane 3.

Good luck,