Tuesday, 31 July 2007

YOD will come again!

We have noticed that some people believe that the SE YOD figure has completely sold out. Please note that this is not the case. The official release for YOD will be in September. The ones on sale at Comic-con were a pre-release special.

YOD will be available in six colours from selected Amos dealers. The white Special Edition (the exclusive 7th colourway) will be available only through the Amos online store. DO NOT PAY BIG MONEY BUYING FROM EBAY OPPORTUNISTS. Another couple of months is surely not too long to wait!!!


mark said...

Hi Russell,
Will all 6 colourways be available from the Amos online store as well as the remaining white?... & speaking of which any ETA on when the store will go live?, hopeing to pick up a yodzine, by the time i'd got to playlounge they had all gone.

russell said...

You will be able to purchase all six YOD colourways plus the seventh Special Edition through the amos online stores. They will be released around the end of September. There will also be 50 copies of the YODzine available through the store when it goes live. We hope it will be ready in around 2 weeks from now. Thanks for your interest.