Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I spent last week in Portland, Oregon at the kind invitation of the Platform International Animation Festival. As we have posted previously on the Amos Blog, I designed the trophy that was presented to the PIAF Award Winners.

It was good to see people receiving their trophies (they seemed to like the thing itself), and as a big fan of Aardman Animations it was particularly rewarding to see Peter Lord and David Sproxton accept several awards.

I am very grateful to Irene Kotlarz, the Festival Director for arranging the trip, and thanks to everyone who attended my presentation. Thanks also to Peter Dougherty who remembered me from when I went to see him as Creative Director at MTV as a student many years ago and kept me entertained with Slayer and Rick Rubin anecdotes at the closing party.

"They say the pen is mightier than the sword... but I say fuck the pen and die by the sword!"

* * *

I was also lucky enough to pay a visit to the Nike headquarters in nearby Beaverton. Thanks to Jesse Levya for arranging the visit, Andreas for showing me around and Todd and the Running guys who took me out for a run.

Portland is an amazingly nice city which I would definitely recommend for a visit. I was particularly impressed at the way everyone would thank the bus driver when they let them off at a request stop.

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