Friday, 13 July 2007

YOD is coming...

Amos will release 36 Special Edition YOD vinyl figures for sale exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con between July 25th-29th. These will be available from the Strangeco booth #4729.

We will post photographs of SE YOD on this blog after the preview day of the show.

It will also be possible to purchase the YODzine during this time, although there will only be 30 copies on offer.

The Special Edition YOD figures, and the YODzine will later be available from the English and Japanese Amos online stores. Beginning of August for the zine and end of September for the YOD figures. The production run for SE YOD is limited to 140 pieces.

There will be six other YOD colourways and these will also go on sale from selected Amos outlets at the end of September. We will announce the size of each colour run at a later date.

Remember, you can win a Special Edition Yod by entering the contest mentioned in "Build your Theatre of Dreams!" posted on this blog, June 15th.

Meanwhile we have posted another couple of YOD comic strips on the MYspace page.

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