Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The women of Comic-Con

Been a bit slack posting entries of late. We have been busy boys!

I've recovered from my trip to Comic-Con 2007. My main task this year was to work with photographer Ruth Wiggins to shoot women in and around the convention centre, in all their costumed glory. We had a great 5 days talking to, and photographing some of the incredible characters in town for the weekend. Everyone we shot was there for the fun of it. Right now we are in the process of editing some 1700 shots and trying work out how we want to compile and release a book containing some of the images of these amazing women.

Ruth and I would like to offer our appreciation to all the women that took part, and all the people at Strangeco who helped us throughout the weekend. Thank you so much!


Klim said...

What was even more interesting was the fact the about 90% of the time the costumed women were accompanied by a boyfriend that was not dressed as anyhing whats the deal??

Sorry I missed you at the show, looks like you had a great time!


russell said...

An astute observation my friend. We did comment on this ourselves. I believe that the plain clothed men had to accompany the women as they felt pride and fear in their partners' role play. Pride at their women's sudden burst of extrovert self expression, coupled with the fear that such overt displays would arouse more interest in their magnificent partners. I think they accompanied them to take pleasure from the admiration the women received, but also keep them close by and safe from the proliferation of other sexual predators. Did you notice the tight grip with which these males hung on to the women?

There is some sociological reason for all this. I don't know it. We get deep on this blog!

Oh, and sorry we missed you too.