Saturday, 21 July 2007

Mario's Peruvian and Seafood

People put the most mundane personal things on their blogs. The other day James was rambling on about his track bike set up. And who wants to know what some bod' ate last night?

Well. Why not? If you are going to commit to doing this blog crap then you have to have something to say...

James and I have a passion for a particular little canteen food spot that he came across a few years back whilst travelling in the US. Mario's Peruvian and Seafood lies hidden away in a little strip mall on Melrose and Rossmore in East Hollywood, CA. Their Saltado De Marisco (shrimp/onions/squid and fries sautéed and seasoned together with rice on the side) is amazing. Carbohydrate hell but worth every calorie.

I was there this afternoon and ate some. How mundane is that!

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