Thursday, 28 June 2007

First Vortigern's Machine. Now the Amos website. You ain't anybody until you've been translated into Japanese. The Japanese Amos website is now on-line.

It is almost identical to the English version but with the addition of a functioning on-line store that ships product from Japan. There are one or two scarce products in their store too. So if you are Japanese, or you have a friend in Japan, or you think you can work out how to navigate the store, then you have the opportunity to buy a Troll, or a pink King Ken, or even some Young Ruffians.

Good luck with that!!!


Low-life-clothing said...

Site looks awesome in Japanese, cant wait to order a copy of VM in japanese.

How do you become invited as a special customer into the store?? Would my massive vinyl collection help. Heres my latest conquest

Low-life-clothing said...

Awesome. Cant wait to get some of that japanese goodness. How do you become a special invited customer?? Surely my massive vinyl collection would help??

russell said...

If you are already on the mailing list then you will receive an invite to join the new store mailing list once it is ready to roll. You will then be awarded a bunch of points. When you buy from the store, you will get more points. And this loyalty will get you first crack at limited products and the odd discount etc. You know the sort of thing.

Nice Martin's by the way. All 5 is indeed impressive!