Monday, 27 August 2007

Last Night in Tokyo.

Another busy day and seeing that we challenging for position of high end streetwear blog, what self respecting bloggers would visit Tokyo without posting a picture of themselves with the mighty Oka for Medicom Toys. So here we are!

And a very rare blog sighting. An elusive figure in the streetwear world and possibly even a western blog exclusive. The lesser spotted Ken Omura from One Gram in deep thought with JJ contemplating their udon side dishes.

We end with a last shot of JJ showing his sensitive fatherly side while holding Ken and Chiaki's newborn baby Rino. Now I'm sure that is a worldwide blog exclusive. Big congratulations to both Omuras.

We so on it!

Almost forgot. The link below will take you to a nice little photo montage of last Saturday's Amos signing at Tower Records in Shibuya. Many thanks to One Gram for posting that.

Boy do I look chubby in those stills...

Tower Records Shibuya, Vortigern's Machine Talk and Signing, 25th August 2007.

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Craig said...

I love Tattoo Me Keith’s new body illustration... very nice :0)