Sunday, 26 August 2007

A Tokyo Story...

Another day in Tokyo. First a signing at the Tsutaya Book Store at Rappongi Hills. A nice crowd including some familiar faces!

Another live JJ drawing, this time on a 2 x 1.5 meter canvas.

Followed by a delicious fish on a stick...

A couple of interviews and tasty green-tea-time buns with "Men's Fudge" Magazine!

A cab ride to dinner in the most entertaining taxi we have ever taken.

Rounded off with a glass of port at a cigar lounge, in the company of One Gram's press team: the wonderful Mariko (she took the photo), and supreme Tokyo aesthete, Hisao Ebisu.

Oh mother! It's starting to read like a real streetwear blog!


shibuyaboy2005 said...

Hi Russel,I am a guy who came and see you with a Kimono gilr.
I really enjoyed that show!
Hopefuly you had nice time in Tokyo.


russell said...

Hey Yoshi,

Thanks for coming down to both the talks and signings. It was really good of you to make the effort. Glad you had a good time too.

James and I really enjoyed seeing you and everyone else that turned up. We had a great trip and hope we can make it back again soon.

Take care and all the best,