Friday, 15 June 2007

Build your Theatre of Dreams!

Due to the difficulty in tracking down the Yodzine, we have been asked to forward the necessary images needed to build Yod's Micro Theatre of Dreams. So, as if by magic, hit the link below and ye shall have access to the tools to make genuine folk art.

Print out the page. Follow the instructions and build the Theatre. Cut out the characters. Use the image below for basic guidance (excuse me for posting it twice on this blog!)

Add any props or embellishments you like. Then make a play and film it (we don't care how badly). Email us your work (make sure it is under 10mb) preferably as a .mov or mpeg. Or upload it on Youtube and send us the link.

Emails and links to

As we promised, we will post the ones we like on the Yod myspace page.

And we will bestow great gifts upon the author of our favourite play. Go do this my friends, we want to see your Outsider Art.

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