Monday, 23 July 2012


Not sure if I'm even allowed to write THAT word here on our blog without my door getting kicked in and being forced to remove THAT word.

But hey. We're official! As I mentioned once before, it's amazing what you can do with a "generic" character.

You can see more here: Generic Collaboration

You will note that further down the page there is a comment from our illustrious leader.

If I'm not mistaken it roughly translates like this:

“Working on the character design for the Glaceau Vitamin Water campaign was a very interesting project.  We felt it was important that we use a design that would adequately convey the essence of the product. We chose our Amos Generic Character as we felt it possessed all the necessary qualities. By dressing it in the uniform of a London Horse Guard we were able to create a perfect symbol encapsulating what it means for the the Olympics to be held in London. We also felt that the Amos Generic Character would be a worthy illustrated ambassador for Glaceau Vitamin Water.”

Now that is special...


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