Tuesday, 10 July 2012

R n R in Tokyo

James and I took a day off during our recent trip to Tokyo and we head out to the very edges of the metropolitan area for a moderate day's hiking on Mount Mitake (elevation 929m). There's a wonderful shrine at the summit which was shrouded in mist the day we walked up. And for those averse to the exercise, there's also a cable car to the top.

Once up on the slopes there are great day hikes to various surrounding peaks, through forests, and along streams with waterfalls. The cloud was low on the hillside when we were there but apparently on clear days there are killer views of Tokyo and its environs.

We thoroughly recommend the area to anyone visiting Tokyo for a while, who may want to escape the concrete and lights. It's easily accessible, within 2 hours from the centre of the city using the local JR line rail service. Well worth the effort.

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