Tuesday, 17 July 2012


As you may already know 2012 marks 10 years since the creation of Amos. We decided we would celebrate this important anniversary in two ways.

For the first we have created the Amos Generic Character Brand. Over the course of 2012 we have been using our Generic Character for a variety of collaborative projects, intended to emphasise its generic qualities. This culminated in the opening of the Amos Generic Character Brand Shop in Tokyo at the end of June. Open for five days only consumers were able to browse a selection of products all of which featured the Generic Character. The majority of these were produced by our partners in Japan, in limited quantity, specifically for this event and for sale in the Amos online stores in Japan and Europe.  From July 27th it will be possible to buy a selection of these imported products from www.store.amostoys.com. This will include the Generic Character vinyl figure, the Generic Character Alphabet Book, and a very limited Generic Character B2 size screen print (already sold out in Japan). Signed up store customers will receive more information by email in the near future.

The second way we’ve decided to celebrate our 10-year anniversary is to make the Amos Generic Character Brand our last ever Amos project. These will be the final products to have been made by Amos and our partners. When we started Amos in 2002 we discussed the idea of giving it a limited life span. Now we are in 2012 we feel that the project has reached as far as we want to take it. We are proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 10 years and we feel the Amos Generic Character Brand is a perfect way to add a full stop to what we’ve accomplished. We will update the website and blog in due course but in the meantime we would like to thank everyone that has contributed and worked with us, and of course everyone who has bought Amos products, past and present, and so supported us on our adventure.

Cheers and here’s to the future!


Barry said...

Sad to here Amos is coming to an end, had many great toys over the years, as some bloke said "Better to die young" etc. Thanks for the good times

ps Don't happen to have a spare Albino King Ken at all-it's the only variant I need?

daveygorman said...

Sad to hear this too- can't find it but sure I remember reading an interview with yourselves some time back where you talked of doing some kids stuff and something with one of your classic characters (I was guessing King Ken or Yod) this year- I can only presume this has now all been shelved? Or is this something you will still work on just not under the Amos brand?
Will you and James still work together? One last stash before you go?
Apologies for all the questions and many thanks for 10 happy years of collecting

mowaxman said...

Best of luck to you both - been a great 10 years of work to witness!! Perhaps like the Rolling Stones you will re-form every 5 years to release more work? ha ha ;o)


russell said...

Thanks for the nice comments and for the kind emails we've received. For us this is definitely a positive move and we will look back at our work with Amos fondly. The website will remain, updated to be an archive of the various Amos projects.

In answer to some of these questions:

1. No spare White KKs at present. Sorry!
2. At one point we talked about another vinyl version of KK but we decided to let that one go. No plans to do this under any other banner.
3. No last stash I'm afraid. It's all out there.
4. JJ and I will still work together on occasion. But probably not on any product driven projects.
5. There are no plans for a reunion tour!

Thanks again. R.

Barry said...

Thanks for the info Russell- will the webstore still be active or will it shut down soon?

russell said...

The store will shut down at the end of the year. Everything must go!!!

stephen said...


"Tell me how am I supposed to live without you. Now that I've been lovin' you so long. How am I supposed to live without you? How am I supposed to carry on. When all that I've been livin' for is gone."

Who knew that Michael Bolton was so right.

Don't leave us alone too long. Good Luck.