Saturday, 19 July 2008

WWOA is here!

As I'm about to head out to San Diego for Comic-Con 2008(for the official book launch and some serious promotion), first copies of Wonder Woman of America have officially sold through the Amos online store for shipping next week. Thanks to the early adopters!

And this week there has been some excellent magazine coverage for the book release. The August issue of Dazed and Confused has six pages of images and a short interview with photographer Ruth Wiggins, and me. And the new Lodown (issue 62) has three pages with an article written by my old pal, Vincent Carducci. At the end of the month we should hopefully see an article in Creative Review, giving well deserved recognition to the book's designer, Robert Green.

Thanks to all who have shown interest in this project and made it possible. It's been fun.

Jenny as Huntress featured in the August issue of Dazed and Confused Magazine.


daveygorman said...

Slightly off the subject- i notice there is something on the strangeco site about a collaborative project with yourselves for sale at strangeco that isnt king kun- are there any more details and will it be available on your online store?

Keep up the good work

Arron said...

Been hard to find any info on this daveygorman. From what I have read on various sites it will be a range of "mini-kens". Not sure how many or in what variety though. They are being released via Strangeco in the US at the SDCC this weekend though. Not sure how we can get them in the UK - eBay I expect ;o(