Saturday, 26 July 2008

SDCC Friday 25th July

Frenzy as the King Kuns go on sale. Gone in a matter of minutes.

More frenzy as a multitude of Slave Leias descend upon a huge Jabba the Hutt sculpture. More than a few of these girls are WWOA.

After last night's disappointment, Samantha and Jacquelyn are happier today after collecting their copies of WWOA and posing for all to photograph at the Strangeco booth.

WWOA cover girl Ruby Rocket comes and visits the Strangeco stand dressed as Starfire.

And later, after a ride in a cab driven by William Burroughs, we go and see Ruby headline at a burlesque review on the other side of town.


eric said...

yes it was, but the way it was handled was horrible. they told us the day before that the spots to buy one would be raffeled off, then the next day come to find out its first come first serve on the tickets, which was fine because i got there early. But when it came time to hand out tickets, the guy counted once, then left, people got a friend in line and he came back and started handing out tickets.

he gets 2 people in front of me and hands a ticket to a woman and each of her 3 children. WTF, i got hosed out of my kun because this guys gives these kids tickets. i'm not talking like 10 yr olds i'm talking like 6-7 at max. thats so not fair. and because i'm not a amos gold member or japanese the only way i can get one is ebay. 250$ for a 75$ king kun hurts a lot.

I have to say it was the destroyer of my comic con. i came for only 3 things and that was the top, and am going home empty handed. i love the work, but please, if you plan to do a comic con exclusive again, make sure strangeco does a better job of handling it.

russell said...


sorry that this was the situation. Strangeco tried hard to deal with the rubbish situation we put them in. We had to battle to get any King Kuns at all to Comic-Con. There was never going to be enough and it was always going to be messy. Sounds like you had a bum deal. Please email me directly (as soon as possible) through "info at" and I will discuss this further with you.