Monday, 28 July 2008

Interview Film

Earlier this year Alex Gould, a student at Liverpool, came down to London to interview me for a film he was making for his Degree Show. He's just posted it online.

James Jarvis from Ika Zcha on Vimeo.


stephen said...
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stephen said...

Congratulations Alex! And JJ - can you not make any vinyl rabbits - I have enough problems juggling as it is. And can I move into Amos Novelties? You wouldn't even notice me but you would get a lot of fingerprints on things. And are you sure cycling is aiding in your leg recovery.

ben said...

nicely done

plutoslo said...

Nice video !
You just put simple words on the problem that is affecting much and driving mad actually : the conflict between the pleasure of drawing and the needs of the finished product. Whyyyy can't it be one single thing ?
Anyway, i love your work.
Morgan N.

plutoslo said...

oops, i meant "driving ME mad"