Friday, 9 November 2007

Sweet Talk 29

This evening James and I spoke at the Sweet Talk event organised by the Candy Collective. We thoroughly enjoyed talking about our influences, how we met, how we worked together with Sofia at Slam City, our working relationship at Silas, and our recent work for Amos. Thanks to everyone that came down and gave us an encouraging response. We met some very cool people.

I should mention the other speakers at tonights event as I was enthralled by their performances.

Seeing the photographic work of Richard Gilligan and hearing him put his work into context was amazing and inspiring. His photos taken at Portland, Oregon's Burnside skatepark are quite special. Check out his website

Irish illustrator Alan Clarke gave a very entertaining and humorous talk on both his personal and commissioned work.

And graphic designer, art director and writer, Adrian Shaughnessy gave an illuminating talk on what it meant to be a graphic designer, also giving an insight into his own work. His is a very real and invaluable wisdom for anyone aspiring to make a careeer out of graphic design. Quite special...

Finally both James and I would like to thank Richard Seabrooke for inviting us to speak at Sweet Talk, and for his hospitality while we were in Dublin. And many thanks to Aidan Kelly who did a great job of introducing us to his fair city, and looking after us for a couple of days. Cheers guys.

Hopefully we can do it all again one day.

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Berrins said...

Blown away last night really enjoyed the whole evening. ..and the beer. bha Oh yes thanks again for that quick illustration! Its takin residence on the wall above me here. Another 10 yrs of inspiration no doubt. Sure I remember my art class back in secondary school. I used to copy your form skate mags. I handed one up as an assignment before!!? ..A+ of course! ...thanks again i suppose!! Best of luck James. Legend.