Saturday, 10 November 2007

On a positive note...

A couple of weeks back, after our messing with the ebay re-sellers, I posted a rather derogatory email we received from an ill-wisher. Well, to counter the bad vibes here is a rather nice email we recently received from a well wisher.

Hello there

Last night my girlfriend said to me "I don't like YOD"

"but what about YODzine?" "What about his myspace black metal friendships?" "What about YOD rhyming with GOD and all the fun that brings..." "Come to yod and yod is love?" I argued

"his legs are too long" she countered

"but... limited editions? free badges? stickers?"

In the end we both agreed that YOD, and Amos toys in general, are better than other toys we have. I think this is for two reasons. firstly their design, they look different to all the run-of-the-mill-hip-hop-inspired-qee-kuberick-kid-robot-type-stuff. And secondly because they have personality. For example Mr Spoons looks like a surly rockabilly fan, but added to that he's also a deranged ice cream man, it gives the character character. This is something most other toy companies lack.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts / praise with you.



And cheers to you Joe!


SIXSTEP said...

i am with joe!!

amosfan#1 said...
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Porlzilla said...

Here here! I totally agree!