Tuesday, 13 November 2007

More Elven joy...

This weekend it is the turn of Silver members to pre-order the Wrestling Elves. They will go on sale on Saturday at 1pm through our online store. The rest of our allocation will be made available so this could be the final oppurtunity to purchase this limited figure. On the day, be sure to log in if you intend to buy, or you the correct page will not available to you.

Good luck.


Neon Lights said...

hey russell.
will we get these nice tote bags along, once the pre-ordered elves are ready to ship from amos store?

please say yes... =)

Neon Lights said...

sry. proper link


Arron said...

If anyones interested I managed to pick up a copy of the CD/DVD from HMV Hong Kong for only £14 including shipping! It comes in some pretty neat packaging as well.