Thursday, 30 June 2011

Online AMPW store now open to all

Shop here at At the time of writing there was one of the special edition Caleb's Adventures in Wonderlean comic book, still available. This very exclusive set has the comic with a one off James Jarvis hand painted cover and a 2 piece Caleb figure set with plain t-shirts (as in the strip). This is the last one available of this very limited edition of 16!

There are still a handful of James Jarvis drawings available from the 2011 gallery shop.

And please check the Wisdom of Caleb blog for the recent strips based on reader contributions. We will get the personalised original line drawings out to the contributors soon. It's not too late to send us your suggestions and receive your own dedicated hand drawn strip. Details here.

Thanks to all those who have already shopped at the store and JJ's Gallery. As always your support is very much appreciated.

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