Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Second Amos Miniature Plastic Workshop

We are pleased to announce that Amos will join with KK Outlet who will host the next Amos Miniature Plastic Workshop, in London's Hoxton Square.

The format will differ slightly to the Tokyo event as this one will continue through most of May.

We are still finalising exactly what we will be happening but we will definitely show some of our classic vinyl and plastic figure work, on display together for the first time in the UK.

Shipping permitted, we hope to have the large format five foot Caleb's on show for photo opportunities, probably for the last time as at least one of them has already been purchased and will be provided with a permanent home straight after the event.

James will have a side gallery of A4 (and a couple of A3) drawings which will be offered for sale, another rare opportunity as with the popular online gallery from a few years back.

And there will be an Amos pop up store selling branded products, one or two hard to find imported items, a few other Amos favourites, and the odd surprise.

More information soon.

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