Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Amos Miniature Plastic Workshop - Tokyo - Day 2

The final day of our open studio event was busier than yesterday thanks to better weather.

James worked hard producing spontaneous drawings for customers and visitors of all ages (including a load of young kids- always a great pleasure to see). And he finished the Japanese Wisdom of Caleb strips. Check out the beautiful second strip, "Spring is Coming", here. The final two Japanese WOC strips have been posted too.

Unlike yesterday, when we enlisted the help of many volunteers, today we needed one collaborator to help translate and provide us with Japanese text. Able assistance was provided by ever helpful, muti-talented, insanely patient, Mr Teruki Tatsuki whose beautiful handwriting makes him the third member of our Wisdom of Caleb Tokyo team.

All the drawings sold from JJs Gallery, the last (but by no means least) being bought by Mr Masahiko Tone from Brutus Casa magazine.

We are very grateful to everyone who came down and supported/took part in the event over the course of the 2 days, especially those who bought JJ's drawings and/or the Amos products available that were available.

Special thanks to long time Silas and Amos fans, Fumihito and Mari, who kindly bought gifts for James and me.

And big thanks to all at One Gram for their help, especially Sakata and Teru who organised everything so we could put the event together.

We declare the first Amos Plastic Miniature Workshop a great success and very much look forward to the next one soon.

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