Monday, 4 October 2010

For Release November 2010

We are proud to announce the release of our first soft vinyl figure for almost 2 years. Caleb has become dear to our hearts since he first appeared, 5 years ago, as part of the In-Crowd Young Ruffians set. Recently he has become the star of his own daily comic strip blog, The Wisdom of Caleb. He is also the poster boy for the Amos curated 2010 ATP In Between Days music festival.

Caleb will come in two colourways, white t-shirt and black t-shirt, and should be available, sometime in November, from most good Amos retailers and the Amos online stores in Europe and Japan.


Tamara said...

looks great - so there's 2 colourways and 4 different shirt desgins for each - so total of 8 different figs? or are the tshirt designs decals that come with each colourway?

russell said...


There are two colourways. Black tee and white tee. But across the two colourways there are 8 different tee designs. So I guess some would consider there are 8 different figures. But the figures will be sold by colourway only.