Saturday, 15 May 2010


the compilation below is no longer available. Apparently some label moron complained to blogger and the link had to be removed. Stupid really. Surely things like this give exposure to music that is not so readily accessible? And I would have thought that if someone hears something they like on a downloaded compilation that they may then be encouraged to investigate the band. And who knows... they might then spend some cash on some music or a live performance and support the artist. Am I missing something here?

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Moi said...

Hi, I am Moises a poster collector from Spain, I would like to know if you will design this year again the ATP stage poster at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona. If it is possible to send a preview to add it at the foro of the festival for increasing the the poster culture around the visitors. This year I think there will be a poster record at the festival (ATP, Wilco, Lil Tuffy Pavement....)