Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Amos x Almost. The Full Set.

Quite a few people have complimented us on the recent collaboration we did with Almost Skateboards in California. Our old friend Bod Boyle (the President at parent company, Dwindle) approached us and asked if we wanted to do something with the team. We agreed that using the In-Crowd could work really well. So JJ set about re-drawing some of the characters to fit with the riders choices. It was a bit of a 'back to our roots' moment for James and me.

When James blogged on this a while back he didn't post images of the full set. So here they are...

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stephen said...

Now that we've seen Wenlock & Mandeville, are we allowed to see what you had up your sleeve - also those Stussy t-shirts are super cute - also they don't stock Almost all the way down here - I suppose I should look first. Thinking of you both fondly.