Friday, 21 November 2008

A Big Saturday

Strangeco's King Ken Mini hits the streets tomorrow. 5 colours and a collectors chase. Personally I quite like the aqua blue Ken.

And, as previously mentioned, to celebrate JJ will be signing product from 4pm at Playlounge in London's Soho. Many have asked if he will sign items not purchased on the day. The answer is yes but in reason. Please don't bring armfuls of books and figures as it will not be fair to those waiting (and James gets tired). Please be reasonable and he will do his best. Right now there are no restrictions but if people ask too much we will have to limit each person to one product only.

Enough of that... looking forward to meeting people tomorrow.

Until then...

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Low-life-clothing said...

A massive huge Big THANKS to James and Russell and also Aidan at Playlounge,

really enjoyed meeting you guys, James was fantastic, Russell you are a star many thanks

Sorry to you guys that were waiting while I was hogging James

Again a massive Thanks