Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Yes, there is a grey one too.

The King Kun saga continues. As well as the black and white Skull Kun version, we have a grey OG King Ken version too.

Here's the definitive upshot for when and where these will go on sale.

July 24th-27th: There will be a very limited quantity of each colour available at San Diego Comic-Con exclusively through Strangeco. These will be the only figures available in the US.

July 26th: will have both versions for sale, exclusively to Gold Members.

July 26th: will be selling the grey version only.

July 28th: The Playlounge store in London will have a very limited quantity of both versions.

Please understand that to make this collaboration happen we agreed with Bounty Hunter that we would keep the production run of this figure down to a bare minimum and severely restrict distribution. That is how BxH work and we have respected their wishes.


Arron said...

oh boy, oh boy. So its pray for a shot at the web-site or queue outside the Playlounge for opening time!

Can you reveal the actual run numbers of each colour or cost chaps?

eric said...

basically this means, if you are in the U.S. your screwed.

Craig said...

what about the poor old silver Members :0(

russell said...

Arron: A strict 450 of each colour of which only 190 made it out of Japan. Not many!!! Price tbc probably GBP 35.

Eric: Yeah I'm sorry about that. I tried to negotiate some limited US distro but it simply wasn't happening.

Craig: I'm afraid I really don't think this one will go any further than Gold Members. We have quite a few now and this will be a popular piece. Too few pieces made and nothing we could do to alter this.

Although we can not stop the ebay monsters on this one we will be really strict with anyone we suspect of re-selling for lucrative profit. If the figure comes from our supply (store dot amostoys dot com) then the buyers Gold membership will be revoked.

Low-life-clothing said...

I love the grey version, cant wait to get it!!
Whats the strangeco release?? mini kens???