Monday, 16 June 2008

Stress Fracture Update

I had an x-ray last Thursday after four (long) weeks of non-weight bearing. The fracture looks like it's healed but I've been prescribed another three weeks of partial weight-bearing, still wearing the cursed boot. In those four weeks I've been swimming at Peckham leisure centre every day to try and maintain a bit of fitness. I've also got into 'aqua-jogging' which involves me looking like a nutter in the deep end as I 'run' back and forth. I can only manage about half an hour of that as it is incredibly boring.

Hopefully, I'll be back on two feet in early July.


Malla Estudio Grafico said...

Saludos desde Cádiz ( Andalucia ).
Donde puedo encontrar distribuidores en la zona?

Arron said...

I think this chap is saying - "greetings from Cadiz, (southern spain)where can I find a dstributer in my area, Many thanks"

Just in case it was baffling ;o)

Looking forward to more news on the King Kun!


James Jarvis said...

Hola. Si visita usted hay una lista de tiendas vendiendo las productos de Amos.

James Jarvis said...

Thanks Arron. My A-Level Spanish is pretty rusty these days.

stephen said...

Isn't 30 minutes good? I can't even think about aqua-jogging for 30 minutes. Where's your waterproof metal mp3 player? Surely that would help?

Go The Boot!