Friday, 25 April 2008

In the jungles and rainforests of Copenhagen.

We had a great time in Denmark. Big thanks to Simon and all the guys at SweetTalk CPH for putting on the event and looking after us while we were there. The talk went well and the other speakers were great, especially the guys from Parfyme. Before the talk JJ and I had a pretty relaxing day wondering through the botanical gardens, eating lunch by the lakes, and in the afternoon we cycled around the lake at Christiana using the city bikes. Later that evening we got to hang out with the locals, and the beer'n'talk flowing freely. Copenhagen is a great city with decent people, and a perfect place to visit in the Spring.

While in the jungles of Copenhagen, James searches for his prey, high in the forest canopy... the elusive Danish Pastry.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys.
Thank you for your great talk at SweetTalk in Copenhagen. It was really interesting to hear your story, and being able to relate quite a lot to it. The fact that your toys not "just are toys", but have an actual story connected to it, which gives them "life", is brilliant. You really opened my eyes up for the world of vinyl toys, and I definitely want to know more. And thanks for a good time at the bar as well, it was great fun, me and Arn both enjoyed the company of you guys and Simon. I hope you enjoyed Denmark and had a good time. Maybe we'll met again someday, at another talk :)


russell said...

Cheers Benjamin. It was a pleasure drinking with you and Arn too. Next time in London I hope.

All the best,