Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Blah blah blahness in Copenhagen.

James and I will be visiting Copenhagen over the next two days to talk at an event organised by Candy (and ride on rollercoasters). This particular talk will be similar to the one we gave at their event in Dublin towards the end of last year. There we spoke about how we met, what drew us together, and the ways in which we have worked with each other since. It was an interesting exercise as James, who has given many talks, was not used to doing so with someone else. We both come at things from with a very different approach and this really came across when looking at our different influences and the ways in which we have incorporated them into what we do together. And we bicker a lot too! The audience seemed to like that. And our pictures of Black Sabbath circa 1970.

So if you happen to be in Copenhagen on Thursday evening (24th April) then please come down and heckle us. The SweetTalk event will take place at Rummet in Republikken, Vesterbrogade 24, Copenhagen. Doors: 7pm, Admission 75dkr.

We will do our best to send you away confused...

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