Monday, 10 December 2007

Sunn Oooof)))

Just returned from the All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Minehead, UK. This is becoming a twice yearly pilgrimage for me, my family and a few friends. A great weekend for which I have to thank Barry Hogan for his hospitality. Highlights included a very rare set by sonic guitar psyche monsters, The Heads. A great comeback show from Portishead, a top set from Jap rockers, Boris, and a revelation for me... The Paranoid Critical Revolution. One of the best guitarists I have ever seen. There were loads of other great performances too..Om, Oneida, Kling Klang, Black Mountain, Autolux, GZA. The list goes on.

I missed drone legends, Earth, but my biggest regret of the weekend was giving up on the quite hilarious black ambient low end doom merchants, Sunn 0))) and their moaning tree man. I watched them for a full hour, eventually had enough of their art metal amateur dramatics and left the room. Almost immediately after which one of the two main protagonists (both pictured below) proceeded to punch the other, who then fell through their quite considerable stack of designer amps. The show was brought to a halt when the security had to drag the assailant away. I missed it by seconds. Proper Rock and Roll!!!

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