Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The last one of the year...

We had to sneak in one more release before the end of the year. Nothing for 6 months then we go crazy!

At the request of TK from Silly Thing we have produced this grey scale version of the Wrestling Elves. After the super scarce White SE YOD, this is the most limited toy we have released for sale to the public. Available from Silly Thing and our webstores only. Some of our allocation will also be available as a special priced set including Juno's "Chapel of Dawn" CD, containing the original character artwork designed by JJ.

Gold Members get ready. You're up first, this coming weekend. Any remaining will be made available to Silver Members the following weekend.


mark said...

Hi James/Russell & all @ amos,
Received my illustrated Yod and selected drawings book today, many thanks.
Really lovely book- especially love all the Vortigerns Machine drawings- hope some of the unused ideas make it into the next Vortigern adventure.
Hope you all have a great Xmas!.


russell said...

We celebrate Winter Solstice here! But thanks all the same Mark.

And all the best for 2008. Hope it's a good year for you.