Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Free the Wheel!

In a desperate attempt to be more 'with it', I've been practising skid-stops on the Pinarello. I'm running a 48 x 16 ratio and it doesn't seem to be very good for my knees. I haven't yet resorted to poncing about in rolled-up selvage denim, Vans and toe-clips.


Yusuf said...

You might want to put a 17 cog at the rear which will increase the number skid patches. Essential if you don't want to burn through tyres. On 48x16 gear you only got the one patch vs. 18 with the 48x17 gear. And you get to save your knees to.

James Jarvis said...

I thought about putting a 17-tooth cog at the back, but it doesn't really seem like a proper man's gear. I've actually started riding my Opera Leonardo into work. It is an unbelivably awesome ride.