Monday, 21 May 2007

Behold...Yod's Micro Theatre of Dreams

Just back from All Tomorrows Parties and ready to get this blog rolling. We may actually make an effort to add things regularly on this one (unlike the news page on the website). And we'll get personal too.

So on a personal note a big thank you to Barry Hogan who looked after us at ATP. Another amazing weekend that was all about the music. And what fine music and fine people. Cheers Barry. I managed to catch top sets from Isis, Grizzly Bear and the Arkon Family. Brightblack Morninglight were excellent too, despite having to deal with a wired and chatty crowd. Even better were Ghost, Do Make Say Think (great festival finale) and the eccentric Current 93. I know that Battles played a great set but missed that due to some unfortunate scheduling. But I did catch two amazing shows from The Books and Trans Am (the latter with only half their equipment functioning). The audience were putty in their hands. And the absolute festival mind-melter came from Cornelius, with the Cornelius Group Sensuous Synchronized Show. Everyone who saw that show were completely blown away. Certainly dusted out a few cobwebs. Finally, thanks to Malcolm, Jason, Caleb and Simon for being great company too. And thanks to Simon for the superior driving there and back!

Enough of the personal nonsense.

Through this blog we hope to give you an idea of some of the things we are up to. James has his own blog for some of his personal work but both of us will contribute to this one when either of us sees fit. Certainly we will keep this updated with work we are doing together.

So, a taster, just to show you that we haven't been sitting on our backsides for the last few months doing sweet FA! From the forthcoming Yodzine, in tribute to the forthcoming Yod figure, behold the Micro Theatre of Dreams. Step back and marvel my friends. This is the future of the performing arts!

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