Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Amos Generic Character Brand Store

In celebration of their tenth anniversary, this summer, for five days only, Amos is proud to open the Amos Generic Character Brand Store in Tokyo, Japan.

From Thursday June 28 until Monday July 2 the Amos Generic Character Brand Store will sell a selection of exclusive, limited-edition art-products created specially for this event. All products will feature the distinctive Amos Generic Character (AGC).

The AGC represents the ultimate distillation of minimal character design into one distinct and pleasing package.

The AGC is simple, refined and cute.

The AGC has no narrative or back-story and represents 'generic' in its purest essence.

The AGC allows the consumer to project his or her own desires onto the character archetype.

All products sold in the Amos Generic Character Brand Store will be limited in availability. Products will include a fully certified Generic Character vinyl figure and various other items that will be customizable by the consumer.

Embrace the Generic.


daveygorman said...

before i enrol on a Japanese language course, will there be a chance for UK buyers too? Many thanks

russell said...

Plan is to import a couple of the products that will be on sale, including the vinyl figures. Not sure when these will be available yet. They won't be cheap!!! But they are very limited. More info later.