Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wood YOD Edition 2 available this weekend.

As mentioned in the post towards the end of last year, we now have a tiny handful of the Japanese made, Landscape x One Gram x Amos Wood YOD Edition 2. These very limited (worldwide edition of 50 pieces) beautifully hand crafted walnut YOD figures come disassembled in sealed bags within a clear plastic sphere. They fit together with the ingenious use of magnets holding the various limbs in place.

Obviously such rare items of exquisite beauty do not come cheap, so we will make these available exclusively for Gold Store Members this coming weekend. Look out for the mailer going out soon.

Edition 1 sold out in a few minutes last time but we have a few more to sell on this occasion. So if any remain after a few days we will send a general mailer and open these up for all to buy.

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