Wednesday, 18 May 2011

AMPW Update Part 1

In conjunction with the event at KK Outlet we've been doing various bits of press and interviews.

Here's a link to a couple of my recent online efforts (with a more personal touch).

The 405

Dazed Digital


daveygorman said...

when was the dazed piece published- although everything else points to very recent, the last question is surely referring to the martin x figure? How soon will we be seeing the results of the tv series and kids range? Many thanks

russell said...

The Dazed piece came out a week or so ago. Martin X celebrated 10 years of us making toys. The first few years were with Silas! Martin was actually a Silas character. 2012 marks 10 years of Amos! So there will be something new.

It will be a while for the TV series. It's in very early days of development. It has taken us 5 years to sign a deal that we are happy with. The work begins now.

Kids stuff is also in early days. Maybe something at the end of 2012 I hope.

daveygorman said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me Russell- me typing before thinking again! Cant wait to see all 3 projects - sensing 2012 will be a busy year. Hopefully see something later in this year too. Love your work

russell said...

Hopefully at least one of the projects will come together in 2012! Cheers.